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CCS Recruitment

CCS Recruitment is a division of Corporate Connection Strategies offering a recruitment service of the highest calibre.  In today’s business environment where ROI is so important, having a recruitment partner that delivers fast professional service is critical.

CCS Recruitment creates time for you (a scarce commodity) so you can stay focused on your core business.  We do this for you by bringing years of experience to help solve your recruitment needs.  We do this by quickly understanding the job brief, knowing how and where to find and attract the best talent, effectively selecting the right candidate fit to your organisation’s culture and by an unrelenting commitment to speed and responsiveness.   

CCS Recruitment focuses on the identification (search & selection) of talent for mid-level to senior management positions across a wide range of industries. With our extensive candidate reach we are also well placed to handle the recruitment of management support staff.

Call today on 02 9386 0011 or fill in the contact form so we can help you.

The CCS Recruitment Deliverables (fulltime or contract roles)

  • Specifying  Roles
    • What does the job look like?
    • What are the key outputs?
    • How does the role fit into the overall business goals?
    • Establishing a strategic talent sourcing strategy
    • Project approvals
  • Candidate Sourcing
    • What exceptional talents are required?
    • Where is ‘best of breed‘ working?
    • Cultural fit requirements?
    • Remuneration budgets?
    • CCS database searches
    • Shoulder tapping
    • Online forum and job board advertising
  • Candidate Screening
    • Telephone and face to face screening assessments
    • Shortlist development
    • Behavioural assessment
    • Additional services
      • Advert creation
      • Skill assessment
      • Job description development
  • Candidate Selection
    • In depth behavioural interviews
    • Practical proof of knowledge / skills
    • Reference checking
    • Offer negotiation