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CCS’ New Product Genetics™ (NPG), is a focused research offering within the Brand Genetics™ product suite. Driven in partnership with CCS’ international marketing research partner KLA (see: New Product Genetics™ is a research framework that provides marketers and sales executives with a thorough understanding of what is required in order to achieve the successful launch of a new product, line extension or new service offering.


If the methodology is applied early on in the development life cycle of new product or service offerings, CCS New Product Genetics™ provides stakeholders who are involved with product development, a clear and simple guideline for effective product development.
  • It identifies go: no-go decision-making
  • Scenario-planning in the event of launch
  • Informs platform and positioning development
  • Informs communication planning
  • Identifies challenges that will require strategic consideration
For line-extensions or products and services that are further down the line in terms of development, up to pre-launch stage, the tool provides insights into how best to launch, as well as last-minute ‘tweaking’ opportunities.


New Product Genetics™ is a clear and ”directional” tool. It guides marketers and new product / service guardians with:
  • What is required in order to deliver successful outcomes
  • How best to achieve this
In the event that measurement or quantitative methodologies are used, NPG also provides a benchmark for norms (normative data), against which future product launches can be measured.

By reflecting the views of non-engaged stakeholders, i.e. your customers and potential customers, New Product
Genetics™ will deliver an accurate perspective regarding challenges and success indicators.


As the name suggests, New Product Genetics™ ‘breaks up’ the various aspects of the new product process (i.e. bringing a new offering to market) into bit-parts. It then determines which of those bit-parts (the DNA of the product or service process) need to be engineered, in order to optimize the chance of market success.NPG™ is able to deliver the above by initially understanding and thereafter measuring:
  • Idea or Product Concept: How does the product conceptually match up to similar offerings?
  • Stimulus: How effective is the messaging and packaging?
  • Intrinsic Performance: How does the product perform, or how is it expected to perform?
Across all of these, CCS looks to establish a hook or differentiator, viz a fundamental platform that can be credibly used in order to support the new offer.

If the product is feature/benefit driven, these hooks are clearly communicated to sales and marketing services.

Full service qualitative research and quantitative measurement methodologies are used.


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