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CCS Brand Genetics™ 

Driven in partnership with CCS’ international marketing research partner KLA (see: Brand Genetics™ is an analytical framework that measures and interprets the strategic ‘equity’ of a brand or business. The term ‘brand’ and the Brand Genetics™ tool applies equally to organisations, products and services. Equity is the combination of features, attributes, drivers and differentiators that distinguishes your brand, product or business offering from its competitors. It amounts to the ‘soul’ of your business.

What it delivers

CCS Brand Genetics™ offers a concise, easy to use and multi-dimensional framework which helps the different line-functions of organisations to understand and use analytical research data. It is a valuable tool for the following: 
  • Marketing services 
  • Operations 
  • Management 
  • Senior Executives.


Brand Genetics™ gives you an elegant view of the current status or “health” of your brand or company. It also gives you clear, concise performance scores, which are easy to track. Combined, this offers business and brand owners a deep understanding of the dynamics that impact on business performance. In turn this helps to inform market strategy. By drilling down into the diagnostics that contribute to the performance of the brand or company, Brand Genetics™ allows you to engineer future performance by re-engineering the brand or organisation’s DNA.

How it does this (Process Principles)

In simple terms, Brand Genetics™ is able to deliver the above outcomes by measuring and understanding two key areas:
  • Brand / Organisational Energy™: This measures and interprets business vitality 
  • Brand / Organisational Breakthrough™: This measures and interprets market impact 
Where relevant, and as an “add-on”, a third dimension can be applied: 
  • Market Vision™ – this is an understanding of your brand or company within its category 
Holistically, the tool asks a combination of the following: 
  • How is my brand/organisation/product/service doing? (Performance /vitality) 
  • What is the impact on its customers/stakeholders? (Enagagement) 
  • How are we positioned relative to competitors? (Category differentiation) 
  • As a consequence, what is my strategy? (Leveraging strengths, minimizing weakness) 
Full service qualitative research and quantitative measurement methodologies are used.


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