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Following a merger or acquisition, the CCS Integration-Connect process offers a series of strategies and procedures that enable Leaders and Managers to successfully integrate management teams. This extends to people and processes and helps achieve operational effectiveness in the shortest possible time, while minimizing the risks of integration failure.


The process ensures that:
  • The organisation is using a formula and planned approach for integration success
  • Resistance to change is minimised
  • People are able to cope with change
  • Managers understand key skills required to drive successful integration
  • People understand their role in the integration process
  • KPI’s are applied to the integration initiative
The process also provides Managers with an understanding of the emotional impact on employees and on business performance as a result of integration.


CCS Integration-Connect provides Senior Executives, including the Board, with a comprehensive understandingof the likely impact of a pending integration and / or change initiative. Exploring the core principles, the process outlines a framework and path for key decision-making related to future capability needs, appropriate organisation structure and selection of managers according to essential roles and responsibility criteria.

This dispassionate approach delivers a clear demonstration of leadership direction and the likely outcome of a greater chance of integration success.

The CCS Integration-Connect approach allows for increased employee engagement in the integration process. This results in improved productivity and a greater protection of the existing customer base, as more energy is outwardly directed.

Because of ‘better decision making’, a faster, more robust integration process may result in an earlier improvement in the bottom-line, helping to achieve integration synergies.


CCS Integration-Connect uses professionally facilitated engagement interventions with Senior Leadership toeducate and plan the integration process. This is supported by a very clear articulation of the priority roadmap
including agreed timelines and integration KPI’s.

In addition to the development of the integration plan, the process allows for the cascading of well communicated integration messages, including critical internal and external stakeholder communications.

The process also ensures that people ‘connect’ with the future integrated business objectives and understand clearly the role they play in its achievement.


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