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Using content as a competitive advantage

With a genuine message, shared in the most effective way, we’re able to achieve great things...

Communicating with your target market

Capture customers with a content strategy -- traditional or sassy. Publish quality writing that’s on-message and shared across the best channels. This is where CCS can help!  We love making this happen for our clients, because we know how connecting works.

But, more than that, we’re here to help communicate your brand, ensuring that your employees and customers feel your passion, while prospects clearly understand what you do. Connecting with ‘why you do what you do’. On the same page!

Connecting with your customers - Opportunities for you

CCS’ extensive experience in developing ‘emotional connections’ will transform how your message will be crafted and shared – professionally, insightfully and in the appropriate manner.

We’ll scope and create the best copy to transcend your traditional and digital platforms. Take a look at the many touch points where we’ll engage your audience:

  • Content strategy and content planning
  • Full website copy creation/ web decks with site architectures
  • Blog articles
  • Business newsletters and complete email marketing campaigns
  • SEO webcopy – content that’s optimised for search
  • Dynamic social content for posting on various social channels
  • Social media engagement and analytics
  • Marketing content/material
  • Business writing
  • Effective company profiles
  • Print brochures and leaflets – advertising or editorial copy
  • E-Books
  • E- learning articles/ whitepapers
  • Speeches and video scripts
  • Radio ads and scripts
  • Editing, copy editing, and proofreading 

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