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Case study ‘CCS Integration Alignment Process’

Helping two Logistics Giants merge

Bringing two organisations together through a merger or acquisition is risky business.
Studies indicate that the majority of integrations fail, not because of systems that don’t speak to each other, but rather because people don’t ‘connect’.

During the merger of two multinational Logistics organisations, CCS’ Integration Alignment Process enabled the leadership of both companies to understand their cultural differences.  One company adopted a western matrix management style system, while the other, a European hierarchical structure.  

Uncovering, identifying and then clearly articulating these differences  helped Managers to adjust communication, decision making and reporting expectations in the early stages of the newly formed entity.   Retaining key talent and minimising the loss of business knowledge was a key benefit and outcome of the process.

In order for management to drive the new organization, early knowledge of business priorities was required to ensure integration success.   In addition to providing insights to the way in which the two merging businesses operated, our client used the CCS organizational restructure process to help identify those business processes that required immediate attention.  Engaging and integrating operational teams as early as possible helped our client to determine ‘quick wins’ that translated into financial synergies and bottom line benefits.