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Facilities Management Case Study: CCS Customer Connect

How Customer Engagement Research drives a dedicated Service Excellence Strategy

  • How best to demonstrate a commitment to service excellence?
  • How best to impress upon internal Contract Managers – the “guardians” of the customer service relationship – that delivering excellent service is the lifeblood of a business?
These two predominant questions were top of mind (and remain so), for a leading CCS client.

A longstanding CCS client operating in the broad facilities management space, has experienced consistent growth over the past 3 years. The business revenue model is derived from medium to long term contracts, with established relationships driven by Contract Managers and supported by dedicated customer service teams. Our client measures the ‘health’ of the business relationship annually, initially by way of face-to-face in-depth interviews, followed by a quantitative ‘measurement’ component. Based on best practice research techniques, CCS developed a simple “Relationship Continuum” matrix to very clearly reflect Customer commitment. In addition, the exercise allowed for key issues to be surfaced and directly escalated to management. Action plans and priorities were recommended.

Following this approach, the client was able to “ladder” approximately 80 customer relationships according to CCS’ Customer Connect continuum.

At a series of follow up Contract Manager Workshops – CCS then led the individual Customer Relationship teams through service excellence training. Workshops included:
  • Strategies to improve relationships
  • Future Contract expectations
  • Teamwork
  • Emotional connection
  • Satisfaction versus Loyalty
The total process delivers important messages to our client’s key stakeholders, both internal and external. It is an active demonstration of a commitment to service excellence.