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10 Ideas for 2 Weeks With 1 Hour a Day

Time management and its steadfast appendage (how tos on managing time) have become - at large - a stale rhetoric. Well, there’s always considerable conversation about streamlining workflow, maintaining the work-life balance for productivity, employee engagement for hyper-performance, etc. And more.


But have there been any grand revelations in time management thinking in the last year, when we strip away the jargon and intellectual fads?


It’s debatable. And this debate won’t always solve your need to get the seemingly growing pile of to-dos done. Today. So here’s a simple, uncomplicated and effective way to achieve more by doing the unusual… Ready?


Add an hour to your day.


No, it’s not a joke. The idea that time management is magic – executing the mysterious spell that extracts hours of workable time from a regular day – is dangerously maintained. Sure, there’s room to do great things with considerable coaching, a concerted effort to a complete operational change, and the focus and dedication to maintain the new approach. That’s if we’re talking about magic. Big changes.


But, for today, the realities of time management are inherently the same… they require an objective, a set interval and some measure of discipline.

So here’s the basic recipe: 10 objectives, over 2 weeks, with 1 hour a day.


Add 1 hour to your working day to achieve these 10 items in 2 weeks:


1.    Google yourself and update your online profiles. If that takes five minutes, Google all your co-workers. Your digital footprint needs a constant eye, and an occasional spring clean. LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook – as needs be. Quite simply, it’s likely that your job role, interests, skills, and beliefs have changed. Tell people.

2.    Investigate two of your competitors, because your findings might be a needed confidence boost or the catalyst for new goals.

3.    Have lunch with your boss, chair, work partner or colleague, to grow the work relationships that are fundamental to your job satisfaction and career success.


4.  Consider aligning your company with a preferred charity or cause, and connect with society in a meaningful way for the year.

5.    Investigate the work of a division in your company with which you interact little; it’s surprising where room for great collaboration lies when interest and creative thinking are applied.

6.    Research, install and learn a new app or online tool that will somehow enhance your lifestyle; a running app, a dynamic note-taking app, an events guide.

7.    Tackle your reading list (those bookmarked pages), and be ruthless with content that’s not helpful.

8.    Clean your desk, workstation or office area. A fresh environment makes an immeasurable difference to your mood for the day and the process can be meditative – cathartic even, depending on your filing.

9.    Catch up on personal email, because that is often sidelined in the face of work email and is no less important.

10. Identify an industry influencer, role model or new business partner, and make them an invitation for lunch. It’s your year to connect and do.


Just as a PS: Contact a past employee, boss or client to say hello and find out how they are doing... It’s amazing how the goodwill comes back around!


These aren't everyday exercises and, when executed with energy and regularity, they can be incredibly fruitful for their hour’s worth. Give them a bash and send on some feedback. I’d love to know what’s worked for you!


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