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Jumpstart 2013

The value of holidays for genuine vigour at work

Year-end holidays in sunny Australia are a glorious treat.

They’re also absolutely necessary to recharge our exhausted resources, to stimulate creative thinking, and to begin the year with vitality.

Mostly, rest is critical for effectiveness at work. For brainpower.

But once we’ve managed to kick back a gear over the holidays, how do we approach the New Year with the focus and drive for an effective start?

How can we successfully psyche up for 2013’s start?

Re-energising your work focus can take several weeks, and if it isn’t prioritised it could take two or three months  – the first quarter of our business year!

Once this has happened, you risk falling behind budget and playing catch-up. Wait, let’s halt the doom and gloom because there’s good news…

A small amount of planning for the new business year and the right leadership approach will jumpstarted your 2013. Here’s what you need to know.


Tips to energise your staff for a powerhouse 2013


Bring your team together for a welcome back, where the sense of community is refreshed through some fun and holiday story sharing.

Acknowledge those that held the fort while others were on leave, making sure to communicate that a healthy work-life balance is respected by the company

Remind employees of operational priorities for the first quarter, and the goals that unite and inspire each department or team

Review strategic plans to ensure key areas are top of mind, because achievable priorities make for an easy way to chew the whole elephant

Identify likely industry trends as early as possible with a team brainstorm, so you can either ride the wave or stay an inch ahead

Remind people of the company vision and values, because this is the cornerstone of who you are as a business – a guide for all staff conduct

Advise customers that all services are back on track with an exciting offer or a few insights into what they’ll get from your company this year… how you’re upping your game and staying worthy of their business

Introduce new starters to their colleagues, feeding your company culture and laying the foundations for a collaborative environment of support

Highlight sales activity to indicate gaps, positioning them as stimulating challenges for effective and smart thinking

Audit the social media activity of competitors – what’s the market saying? With business conduct reaching new heights of transparency, a simple social media network search will give you superb insight into your competitors’ new products, promotions, and their customers’ sentiments. Handy information!

If you’re already back at your desk, this article from The Border Mail will give you a speedy low-down of news from around the globe – info to catch you up in no time:  

If you’ve found any other activities that help put people in the right business mind set for the New Year, I’d love to hear these to share with others.  

Last words to get great company direction going


Simply reminding key managers of their responsibility to motivate and lead will gently encourage the whole staff infrastructure. 

If you need help with enabling a high-energy start to your company’s 2013 business year, I’d love to give you a few tips and have a chat.

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