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How every business can have an Olympic gold medal moment!

There is no doubt that we all get caught in the Olympic spirit in some way and cannot help enjoying the many triumphant moments of our favourite athletes.
It inspires and motivates us, often leaving us to reflect on our own efforts and achievement or dreams of success.  

The amazing aspect, which is often lost in the glare of the spotlight, is the phenomenal support that surrounds every successful Olympic performer.

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The role played by parents, coaches, family and friends is critical to the peak performance of world class athletes. 
This support system provides an array of meaningful roles that can significantly influence successful outcomes.

How does this translate to business and organisation performance?
As a Manager or Leader we all want people in our teams to achieve extraordinary things.  We may even have a vision and  set goals for achievement.
Yet, what support do we provide?  ..... How much coaching do we ensure takes place?   What learning and skill development is planned?

Imagine if we had the mindset of building business success on the basis of Olympic Gold medal performance.
Consider the following .... I have no doubt you would spend time developing a master strategic plan with goals and objectives.   
Your scouts would be out finding the right talent, identifying people with the right behaviours to ensure a fit as a productive team member.  
There are likely to be conditioning coaches and people providing feedback on form and style.  Psychologists on hand to help develop the best mental approach to winning.
We would arrange competitive events to check performance along the way and benchmark improvements.
Changes to the team based on their results (not effort) and celebrations to acknowledge success

We spend a great deal of time ensuring we find good people, but often set them up for failure rather than success.
Perhaps during this time of the Olympic fervour an opportunity exists to consider (in a business environment) ‘What drives individual performance?’.
Capability certainly plays a major role, however, reflect on the coaching and support systems you provide.

Why not use this Olympic topic to create discussion about what’s happening in your organisation or business.
This time however, focus on celebrating the role the support team play in driving sales performance.
It may identify where your team needs help and support to succeed even further.

If I can provide coaching support to you in this process, please contact me directly on
0418 446 204 or email me on

I’d love to be the catalyst to help you achieve your ‘PB’. 

Warm regards

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