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  • 10 Ideas to create ‘Service Excellence’ disruption in your industry

    Creating ‘service excellence’ is as much a state of mind as it is a series of processes, ...

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  • Leadership is not about what you know… Leadership is about uncovering ‘what you don’t know?’

    Interestingly when you read the myriad of books on the topic of Leadership, many well renowned authors explore the common traits of successful business Leaders ... dissecting and granulising all facets from behaviour to skills and capability sets.

    Over the past 20 years I've had the pleasure of working with some extraordinary Leadership talent ... observing and learning. Triggered by a recent conversation, something became apparent to me, when thinking about the many very competent Leaders, there is a strong desire and self-awareness about getting to know what they ‘don’t know’ … and how they use this to make better ...

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  • Developing a High Performance Leadership Team

    If I had to ask you to name a ‘High Performance Team’ (HPT) … I’m sure you would think along the lines of the ‘All Blacks’, the ‘Sydney Swans’, perhaps the ‘Sydney Symphony Orchestra’ or the ‘Red Bull Racing Team’.   When I ask the question of ‘leadership teams’ and who they would consider to be the epitome of a ‘high performing team’ (HPT) seldom would anyone volunteer their own team as an example.  Although people know how to define and understand the principles of a HPT, it appears far more difficult to achieve when it comes to the realisation ...

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  • Three quick behavioural insights into your customers’ satisfaction & loyalty

    Our customers are our business. We succeed when we add value to their lives, and we solidify and grow our market share by constantly refining this offering and its benefits. But customer satisfaction and loyalty is about more than an excellent product or service. It’s an intricate behavioral dynamic that, once mastered or better understood, yields impressive margins… 

    Do you understand the customers that hold your business together?

    Do you understand the customers that hold your business together?

    What we know about your customers’ behaviour

    1. People buy and transact with you for a range of reasons. This goes beyond the motivation around your product and/or service’s features, benefits and ...

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  • Managing change means understanding communication

    Change management is often – almost inseparably – linked to an understanding of communication; how to effectively share relevant information that resonates with stakeholders, understanding how messaging is received, and knowing what the best channels are to ensure you’re being heard.  

    The reality is that with an understanding of why change is important, the actual change becomes less threatening to your people and more likely to manifest – successfully! So what does this mean for managers?

    Help your people make the leap and change with ease

    Quite simply: 

    • an absolute need to crystalise the commercial and business motivations behind ...

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  • Are you wearing the pants? 6 unspoken fears of senior leaders

    You’re about to share the company’s financial performance with key stakeholders…

    There’s a notable split in sentiment. “Sub-par performance,” is mumbled. Pressure. It’s your cue to weigh in on the figures. Everyone turns to you. The room’s quiet. You glance down to take a breath, and suddenly realise…

    you’re not wearing the pants!

    Afraid of dropping the leadership baton? So are other leaders…

    Tips on tackling 6 unspoken fears of senior leaders

    Aside from recurring nightmares (and we’ll leave those to Freud), very real fears affect today’s senior leaders. Here are my top six, with a tip or word of advice...

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  • Does your service policy get in the way of creating positive brand perceptions?

    The recent unbelievably sad story of how Jetstar employees were unable to assist a distressed customer because of policy guidelines and lack of empowerment, in my opinion, demonstrates how a policy can negatively reflect on a brand

    This Sydney Morning Herald article ‘Jetstar Refuses Flight Change for Shark Attack Victim's Mother’ should be a mandatory read for every management team.  This happens to be a really serious scenario, but it can easily translate into daily situations for many companies.

    Whether or not you agree with the decision of the front-line Jetstar service person -- and I’ll leave that to you -- this raises ...

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  • 10 Ideas for 2 Weeks With 1 Hour a Day

    Time management and its steadfast appendage (how tos on managing time) have become - at large - a stale rhetoric. Well, there’s always considerable conversation about streamlining workflow, maintaining the work-life balance for productivity, employee engagement for hyper-performance, etc. And more.


    But have there been any grand revelations in time management thinking in the last year, when we strip away the jargon and intellectual fads?


    It’s debatable. And this debate won’t always solve your need to get the seemingly growing pile of to-dos done. Today. So here’s a simple, uncomplicated and effective way to achieve more by doing the unusual… Ready?


    Add an hour to ...

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  • Jumpstart 2013

    The value of holidays for genuine vigour at work

    Year-end holidays in sunny Australia are a glorious treat.

    They’re also absolutely necessary to recharge our exhausted resources, to stimulate creative thinking, and to begin the year with vitality.

    Mostly, rest is critical for effectiveness at work. For brainpower.

    But once we’ve managed to kick back a gear over the holidays, how do we approach the New Year with the focus and drive for an effective start?

    How can we successfully psyche up for 2013’s start?

    Re-energising your work focus can take several weeks, and if it isn’t prioritised it could ...

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  • How every business can have an Olympic gold medal moment!

    There is no doubt that we all get caught in the Olympic spirit in some way and cannot help enjoying the many triumphant moments of our favourite athletes.
    It inspires and motivates us, often leaving us to reflect on our own efforts and achievement or dreams of success.  

    The amazing aspect, which is often lost in the glare of the spotlight, is the phenomenal support that surrounds every successful Olympic performer.

    business and organisation performance, business strategy, management consulting

    The role played by parents, coaches, family and friends is critical to the peak performance of world class athletes. 
    This support system provides an array of meaningful roles that ...

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